Re: [xml] I/O problem with PHP

On Wed, Oct 01, 2008 at 11:24:46AM +0200, dnorrell gmx net wrote:

I have an application using libxml which makes use of custom I/O input
callback functions. Now this all seems to work fine, except that when I
try to use my library in PHP5 (I've just written a PHP extension to enable
this) the I/O callbacks are failing. Now, I can see that my 'match' and
'open' callbacks are being called by libxml, however the 'read' callback
is never read even though the 'open' callback is returning a context. I
don't understand how this can happen. Is this likely to be a conflict
with libxml in PHP? Has anyone experienced similar problems? Any advice
will be much appreciated.

  This is really PHP bindings specific, you should rather ask in the
PHP support groups.


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