Re: [xml] Problem with MSYS and MINGW: undefined reference to _imp__xmlFree

Friedrich Beckmann wrote:
Hi Tobias,

that is of course an alternative to produce a working import library,
but my problem was that I did not know that the import library of
mingw and msvc are not compatible.

The xmlFree issue is related to export/import of variable.
It seems to me that binutils (2.17.50) don't link variables from MSVC import library but can link functions.

Since this is common problem between compilers (even same compiler but different version) I never spend time to use import libraries produces by other complier. Usually compiler suite has a tool that create import library from dll- or def-file. Some tools can convert between different import libraries (COFF<->OMF? formats).

Also binutils(mingw) can link with dll/def-files directly : .
Another tools that can create def file from a dll is pexports(never tested).

So I just installed the package
and you can see in the problem description the long way that I went.
It is just a proposal to include the mingw compatible import library
in the package for others to avoid that.

Only def-file is expected to work with different compilers.




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