Re: [xml] Problem with MSYS and MINGW: undefined reference to _imp__xmlFree

If you already use MSYS/MinGW, why don't you build libxml2 yourself? I've been doing that for quite some time and (if I set the correct defines) never had that issue.


Friedrich Beckmann schrieb:
Hi Roumen,

i searched the mingw wiki and they say that the import
libraries are not compatible between MSVC and MINGW.
I described it in the bugzilla:
There are ways to convert between the two, so I guess it
would be very good if the mingw import library could be
added to the package in the future. I you look for example
at the glib package, they do it like that.



Roumen Petrov schrieb:
Friedrich Beckmann wrote:

i digged in the dirt and I guess I found that the reason is that the
libxml2.lib import library is not compatible with MINGW.
I described the solution here:

I thought that they are compatible but it seems they are not.

May be is bug in binutils for mingw32 host.

Please, could you report in mingw32 bug tracking system and to close


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