Re: [xml] Problem with MSYS and MINGW: undefined reference to _imp__xmlFree

Friedrich Beckmann wrote:

if found a problem when using the libxml library to build
opensync on Windows with MSYS and MINGW. I get errors described
below. I found some email thread from 2004 which describes the
same problem. I changed the xmlexports.h include file and then
I can compile. (See the #if 0 part). I do not know too enought
about building the library, so I cannot provide a full patch.

I reported the bug in:

===== Extract from modified xmlexports.h file ==========

The change look incorrect.
Check project defines. Did the build system define IN_LIBXML ?

========= Problem description =========================

Linking C shared library libopensync.dll
Creating library file: libopensync.dll.a
CMakeFiles/opensync.dir/format/opensync_time.obj: In function `osync_time_dstchange': f:/opensync/opensync/format/opensync_time.c:1149: undefined reference to `_imp__xmlFree'
To link you need xml library to the list.


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