Re: [xml] Win32 support

Rob Richards schrieb:
Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
Ok, thx for the explanation. Would it be possible to wait for the release until tomorrow so I can create another patch for this?
Is it okay when the uri parsing gets something like this:
file:///e:/my/path/ ?
With a release being imminent, I'd personally like to not see any further changes to any of the windows pathing routines and wait until post release to allow for more extended testing of the changes. The previous change doesn't affect me so I really have no comment on it, though I don't understand how that changes loading of catalog files from XML_CATALOG_FILES env var. Those catalogs are handled in the xmlInitializeCatalog routine (catalogs seperated by spaces only) which doesn't even call xmlLoadCatalogs.

Catalogs are now loaded. And currently it looks like the hack for uri is not needed at all (but there must be a reason why I added this hack... long ago ;) ). I'll take a look if it's really needed. Currently the docbook is build fine with 1.6.28, thx.
Possibly passing the xmlCanonicPath of each catalog path to xmlNewCatalogEntry might be in order, but again I'd rather not see changes like this so close to a release.



btw: the link on your page does not work: "The precompiled Windows binaries made by Igor Zlatovic are available in the win32 directory."

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