Re: [xml] Win32 support

On Mon, Apr 16, 2007 at 09:15:07AM +0200, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:

Can you please take a look on bug #403516 (xmllint on win32 does not work correct)? It's really important 
to get it fixed in svn because this bug makes xmllint unusable on win32... :(

  unusable ... just that ?
To me it looks like it merely forces you to use the catalog on the
same disk as other resources used in the process.

That said the patch looks somehow sensible, except it breaks the 
convention, forces the use of ';' instead of ':' and doesn't reflect 
the change in any of the documentation.
Also // is not accepted as comment in libxml2 code, but that's minor.

Please send the patch again, as an attachment, 



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