Re: [xml] RELAX NG and xmlreader

Todd Ditchendorf wrote:
Hey Elliotte,

According to my tests while developing xml nanny, there are significant RNG bugs in the libxml2 version pre-installed on Mac OS X Tiger. These all seemed to be fixed in 2.6.26.

I've given up on getting this to work on Mac OS X. I switched over to Ubuntu Linux 6.06 which comes with libxml 2.06.24 preinstalled but I'm still seeing bugs in RELAX NG validation. I've tried to upgrade the Ubuntu box to 2.06.27, and I've even replaced all the 2.06.24 files I could find in /usr/lib. However, PHP still seems to think it has 2.06.24 compiled in somehow. Is there anywhere else an old libxml could be hiding on Ubuntu Linux?

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