[xml] RELAX NG and xmlreader

First question: has anyone getten RELAX NG validation to work with xmlreader?

Second question, has anyone gotten this to work with XmlReader in PHP?

I seem to just be getting the unhelpful message:

PHP Warning: XMLReader::setRelaxNGSchemaSource() [<a href='function.setRelaxNGSchemaSource'>function.setRelaxNGSchemaSource</a>]: Unable to set schema. This must be set prior to reading or schema contains errors. in /www/elharo/root.php on line 29

no matter what I try. The code looks like this:

    $reader = new XMLReader();

so I am setting the schema before reading anything; and the same schema works just fine when I test it with xmllint, so I don't think that;s the problem. I've tried both setRelaxNGSchemaSource and setRelaxNGSchema. Any other ideas?

ïElliotte Rusty Harold  elharo metalab unc edu
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