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Hey Elliotte,

According to my tests while developing xml nanny, there are significant RNG bugs in the libxml2 version pre-installed on Mac OS X Tiger. These all seemed to be fixed in 2.6.26.

On OS X, libxml2 is located: 


While working on nanny, i had a very hard time finding examples of usage of RNG in libxml2. I coincidentally wrote up some info about libxml2+xmlReader+RNG+Mac OS X:

The code sample there is a bit of a mess, but you might find some useful info.

Todd Ditchendorf

Scandalous Software - Cocoa Developer Tools

On Nov 26, 2006, at 7:49 AM, Elliotte Harold wrote:

Elliotte Harold wrote:
First question: has anyone getten RELAX NG validation to work with 

Update: it's possible my problems relate to the version of libxml 
installed on my Mac: 2.6.16. I should upgrade to the latest 2.6.26 
instead. Are there any special instructions for replacing the bundled 
libxml on Mac OS X? Where has Apple hidden it anyway?

Elliotte Rusty Harold  elharo metalab unc edu
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