Re: [xml] Windows Binaries And The Web

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Oh, Adam, I would love the symlink, it would solve few other problems I
have in addition to this one. But the whole website is a web
application, served by a servlet container, currently Apache Tomcat. The
thing is, servlet's platform, Java, has no notion of a symbolic link
because it isn't supported on all systems it runs on. I would like to
keep it open. The site should still work if the operating system changes
underneath. Currently it runs on Linux and a symlink would work, but I
cannot guarantee that will remain that way. For example, should I one
day come across a Windows server with better finance-service ratio, I'll
run Tomcat there just the same. This is why a symlink is not an option.

Unexpected response, but understood. I believe even Windows now
supports symlinks. :)

I guess you could always duplicate the file. Have it once with the
version number and a copy marked as "latest". It's not as clean a
solution, but it is a portable one.


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