Re: [xml] Windows Binaries And The Web

Adam Maccabee Trachtenberg wrote:
On Tue, 22 Mar 2005, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Both links refer to the same storage. Should I keep moving everything
but the newest stuff into the 'oldreleases' subdirectory, or should I
rather keep everything right there where it was released? Or would it be
best to even separate the packages in /pub/libxml, /pub/libxslt,
/pub/iconv and so on? Or any combination thereof? What do you think?

I frequently see people create a file that's a
symlink to the most recent version (for example,

This allows other sites to provide their users with a non-breaking
link to the latest version without needing to update their sites every
time a new version comes out.

At the same time, you can move around files without worrying about
these types of issues because you're only committing to having the
generic symlink stay in the same place.

Oh, Adam, I would love the symlink, it would solve few other problems I have in addition to this one. But the whole website is a web application, served by a servlet container, currently Apache Tomcat. The thing is, servlet's platform, Java, has no notion of a symbolic link because it isn't supported on all systems it runs on. I would like to keep it open. The site should still work if the operating system changes underneath. Currently it runs on Linux and a symlink would work, but I cannot guarantee that will remain that way. For example, should I one day come across a Windows server with better finance-service ratio, I'll run Tomcat there just the same. This is why a symlink is not an option.

BTW, if you go that route or make any other change, I can update the
PHP Manual to point at the new place for iconv and other files that
you're hosting. Let me know what you decide.

Okay. Whatever I decide I shall post here. In every case I'll strive towards stable links which don't change with every update of the packages.


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