[xml] Windows Binaries And The Web

Hello there,

This is on the edge of the topic, but I need an advice and am writing to the list in hope that many of you who use libxml in many ways will know what must be done.

I was examining my server's logs and have paid some attention on how people access my site and who directs them to it. I saw that many get rewarded with a HTTP 404 (not found) for their visit and started investigating why. I found that most of those loosers :) are trying to download an older release of libxml binary for Windows.

After having googled a bit, I found that there are numerous resources which refer to the binaries in zlatkovic.com/pub/libxml. These are not mere webpages. PHP Manuals refer to the iconv binary found there. Even makefiles try to download a binary with wget from there.

I presently practice to keep only the latest releases in /pub/libxml on my site. All older releases are being moved to /pub/libxml/oldreleases. This I do for novice users who visit the site with a browser. They see all the packages in their current versions and can hardly miss one of the required ones. But the manuals and makefiles break with every update of the binaries.

In your opinion, what is the better practice? Keep all releases where they are, or keep only the newest and move the older? Should I continue the storage the way I do, or should I keep all releases in the place where they were released, the old together with the new?

If I don't move the old releases away, new users will see a long list of packages with different file names, easily missing the required packages (zlib and iconv, for example) and perhaps choosing a wrong version to download. That is not very good.

If I move the old releases away, the new users will see much cleaner a list of available files but many manuals, scripts and makefiles will break trying to wget what isn't there any longer. That is not very good either.

So the thing is: I keep the binaries at
Both links refer to the same storage. Should I keep moving everything but the newest stuff into the 'oldreleases' subdirectory, or should I rather keep everything right there where it was released? Or would it be best to even separate the packages in /pub/libxml, /pub/libxslt, /pub/iconv and so on? Or any combination thereof? What do you think?


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