Re: [xml] relaxng and xml schema problem (leak/crash)

Daniel Veillard wrote:

 I looked quickly at Rob's bug. It's a problem in relaxng and while I'm
surprized it ain't caught by the existing regression tests, seems fairly
contained. I though I had a patch ready but I was wrong. I need a bit of testing
but it should be fixeable easilly. I don't think it's directly related to the streaming. The bug seems to be in xmlRelaxNGSchemaTypeCompare() when
there is an error, we free the base value passed from the to, which then
crash when we free the RNG schemas later. That should be relatively easy
to fix...
Hopefully it's as easy as you figure. The only reason I assumed it may be related to the latest commits was that prior to synching with HEAD, I got memory leaks but no crash. The code at that time was maybe a week old. I synch'd (today) to see if maybe it was fixed with the recent commits and started getting a crash, but have no idea if my source may have been out of wack (been testing a few unrelated things) or if the crash portion is really new, so didnt bother mentioning that.


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