Re: [xml] relaxng and xml schema problem (leak/crash)

Rob Richards said:
Just synched up with cvs and getting a crash with the following relaxng.
Not all familiar with relaxng and schema code, so debugging taking a while.
I am guessing that the crash is from changes to schematypes for
streaming support (leaks I see are related to changes made for specific
basic types).

Over the last couple of days I submitted to CVS some non-trivial changes to
the XPath streaming code.  These affect both XPath/xslt and schemas, and
caused two schemas regression tests to fail.  Kasimier hasn't yet had a chance
to go through and check whether the failures are caused by problems within the
schemas code, or errors in my changes.  I'm sure we would both appreciate
anything you can find - the changes I made are to pattern.c (xpath.c was also
changed, but those changes won't affect schemas), and are a combination of the
last two revisions.

Looks like it also happens when using value for the element as well,
although the leak seems even worse (too much for the screen buffer to
hold it all)




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