Re: [xml] I want do donate, but I don't know how


I expected this kind of discussion ;).

I'm not sure what this would really mean. I don't think this makes sense
to really integrate it unless the sourcecode is really small, people are
already complaining that libxml2 is too big :-)

I think xmlstarlet source code is small and it is dependent only on libxml2/libxslt

Integrating existing code is usually not trivial, there is a number of issues about style coherency, Licence and Copyright, and maintainance of said code.

License is  MIT style.

XML shell scriptability would be useful in general, I know that it could
have helped fro example for some XML based processing when configuring some
So there is pros and cons, I would need more informations on what motivates
you to do this, potential extra dependancies xmlstarlet would add, I would
have to look at the code too.

I wrote xmlstarlet to be very much user oriented and friendly tool
to deal with XML on command line or in shell scripts. In some cases its
functionality overlaps with xmllint and xsltproc.
I think closer integration with libxml2/libxslt could be beneficial for both.
For example it could follow same release cycle.
I also would be happy if others would be able to improve xmlstarlet source
code and have access to it. Essentially, I'm looking for a place for xmlstarlet
where it can still evolve even if my role is diminished.

It might make sense to contribute it to GNOME
as a distinct module from libxml2, this would be another approach, but right
not it's unclear what the best way might be, and it depends on a number of
informations I don't have yet :-)


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