Re: [xml] Anyone else having issues compiling?

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 14:28, Timothy H. Schilbach wrote:

  Do need the Trio libraries to compile the libxml project? Even if I
turn trio off, I still get the issue.

No, trio is part of libxml, but is only used if the compiler/platform
does not have its own snprintf function. Trio is not necessary for
MSVC 6.0.

The problem is that somehow the WITH_TRIO macro is defined in your
build. What we need you to do, is to help us figure out why.

Start by examining if config.msvc was WITH_TRIO set to 0 or 1.

If it is set to 0, then you have to try compiling one of the files,
e.g. uri.c, but let the compiler stop after the pre-processing step
(on Unix compilers this is done with the -E option -- you have to
consult your MSVC documentation to find the equivalent compiler option)
This should help you to find out if the VMS macro in xmlversion.h is
the problem.

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