RE: [xml] Anyone else having issues compiling?


I am a newbie to libxml2, trying to build it for an embedded system. 
(I built libxml2 2.6.13 for Win32 yesterday, with every XML configuration parameter set to 'no'.)

-- Have you "configured your source"? I will try to help you:

How to "configure your source" is described in item 1.2 in the 'readme.txt' file in the Win32 subdirectory. 
You should do something like this:
    cscript configure.js trio=no (... other parameters ...)
(I notice that no is the default value for trio parameter...)

The script 'configure.js' creates the file 'config.msvc'. This file is included by 'Makefile.msvc'. 
-- Make sure that WITH_TRIO=0 in 'config.msvc'. 

The script 'configure.js' also creates the file 'xmlversion.h' from ''. If (the make symbol?) 
WITH_TRIO equals zero, you will end up with the C preprocessor symbol WITHOUT_TRIO defined, and WITH_TRIO 
undefined. (Unless VMS was defined...)

Hope this helps, 

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