Re: [xml] documentation wishlist (was:Bug or User Error)

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 06:33, Phil Frost wrote:
Perhaps in the spirit of moving to solve problems rather than only
highlight them, I might suggest these two improvements to the docs that
would make them much more useful:
- get rid of the high contrast borders. The black borders, coupled with
  the link underlining, make it extremely hard to manually grep the
  docs. I'd say get rid of all the borders, or make them very faint. On
  my sites, I often use no border, but increase the cell spacing such
  that a pixel or two of the background comes though, and give the cells
  a very slightly different color.

The stylesheet is doc/newapi.xsl - give it a look and offer up a patch.

Though really, I think the style issues are trivial. Thoughtful content
contributions more fully explaining issues people have confronted and
worked out is more important.


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