Re: [xml] Bug or User Error

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Do NOT , I repeat and repeat again and again and again
    DO NOT CALL xmlCleanupParser ON ALL PARSE !!!
DO CALL xmlCleanupParser when your are done with the LIBRARY !!!

  You're using 4 function. Tell me WHY reading the doc for the 4 function
is asking too much of your time and asking on the list is a better option ????

  Why bother building docs ? People simply don't bother to read them :-(
it is *extremely* frustrating :-(
  Why did you call xmlCleanupParser() for each document ????

How about adding a page, like "Common mistakes and how to avoid it"?

Another idea I had (but maybe that seems like shooting flies with
cannons...): Could you integrate a Wiki? I know that *I* am far more
comfortable with writing stuff in a Wiki than in a more set-in-stone
type of documentation... Maybe this would spark more contributions in
general? :)


P.S.: Which of my headers is to blame for needing moderator approval? :(

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