Re: [xml] Bug or User Error

Hi Daniel, All,

New year, new off-topic posting quota!

Thanks a lot for the great work, again, BTW!

Daniel wrote:
  Why bother building docs ? People simply don't bother to read them :-( it
is *extremely* frustrating :-(
  Why did you call xmlCleanupParser() for each document ????

On our commercial product, we started with a 200 page manual, covering 
everything. Of course nobody read it.

We dumbed it down to 20 pages. Due to insufficent control of the external 
translators, some silly stuff was in it. Nobody complained. We deduced, 
nobody read it.

Now we have a one page "getting started" instruction sheet. 

(Of course online help also available but never used)

Optimistic people would assume, that software developers would have another 
attitude towards reading docs. 

Daniel, most of those who read the online docs, don't show up with 
redundant questions in the list, so it's only selective perception, which 
lets you assume nobody reads yours docs. I hope.

Peter Jacobi

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