Re: [xml] Bug or User Error

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 14:27, Daniel Veillard wrote:

Why so little people contributed code examples as I suggested ?

Here's a suggestion:

 1. Request feedback about what examples people need / would like.
 2. Create a list with these examples.
 3. Request that people contribute such examples.

Should I just ignore posts which irritates me ?

Here's a little trick that I use in such cases:

 1. Write my response immediately.
 2. Save my response, rather than sending it.
 3. Wait until next day.
 4. Read my response, and modify it if necessary (and it usually is.)
 5. Send my response (occasionally I skip this step.)

Besides the advantage of not saying something that I might regret
later on, there is also the possibility that somebody else has
answered the question in the meantime. Don't worry about the larger
turn-around time.

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