Re: [xml] xmlIO extensions

I did dive into the http/ftp code yet, but from the documentation it
ups.. didn't !
seems, as if ftp and http firstt get the data, store it in a local
file and then operate on this file. Well... this clearly would offer
the posibility to operate on this temporary file.

  No, that's not the case, I can't see what led you to this conclusion...

I thought again the problem and want to try the following thing:

I have url like this:

* libxml2 would call zipio to access file.xml
* zipio would then search for an other io handler to access 
* the http handler would read the file
* zipio would keep in memory and operate on this data.
* the compression and extraction would access the memory via a fileio
  interface similar to fread, fwrite, fopen, etc.

I'm currently working on a cache file interface - a little wrapper
that uses xmlIO to get the data keeps it in memory and allows
read/write/seek/etc. I think for most modern systems it wont be a
problem to keep the file in memory all time - if it isn't used at this
moment it can be swapped out. the cached file interface seems quite
easy and I can concatinate as many readers as I want.

What do the others think... would this be a way to go?

Bye Christian

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