Re: [xml] xmlIO extensions

Hello Daniel,

  Well that's the problem with your other question, what is the usefulness
of adding seek() support when clearly this won't work for FTP and HTTP
(or not work better than a read to /dev/null)...

I did dive into the http/ftp code yet, but from the documentation it
seems, as if ftp and http firstt get the data, store it in a local
file and then operate on this file. Well... this clearly would offer
the posibility to operate on this temporary file.

  I'm afraid too that this would force breaking some of the older APIs
in libxml2 (or force a duplication).

This the main problem. A seek is not part of libxml2 yet and it would
break the API... realy ugly...

  I'm not 100% convinced we really need something like seek() at
the libxml2 level.

I'd clearly prefer an other solution, but I would prefere not to
create more temporary files. These always create portability
problems. mktemp and these calls are libc and I'm afraid they don't
exist under win32.

Anyway I don't think it would be very clever to write extra http:zip:
or ftp:zip: handler.

Bye Christian

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