on 8/18/2004 6:50 PM Bryan Berkowitz wrote:
Kasimier Buchcik wrote:
Yes, <key>, <keyref> and <unique> are not supported yet.

Could we add these features to the list of things to do? I would find 
them very useful, in fact I might be able to help out with the 

That would be great! :-)
For parsing those elements I recommend looking at 
"xmlSchemaParseSimpleType" in xmlschemas.c; there you'll find an example 
  of how to use the new error functions, and of validation of attributes 
and their values.

The main issues I see here:
1. how to restrict the XPath expressions as imposed by the spec
2. just keep in mind that the XPath execution should be able to work on 
a stream someday (as mentioned by Daniel)

You might consider using the XML IRC channel for discussion as well 

I'm currently trying to get along with Python to integrate the W3C 
schema test suite.



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