[xml] "Next XML schema implementation steps (poll)"


to the people out there using XML schemata with libxml2:
it would be nice to hear from you about missing features that are badly 

I don't want to give the impression that we ran out of points on our 
schedule, but at this point I'm more interested in adding constraints to 
the implementation than adding features (well, constraints are features 
but now highly visible ;-)); and this might contradict with the need of 
people. So please, think twice before trying to workaround a missing 
feature or bug, and let us know. Plus, add a bit of foresight for me, 
and take features, your are going to need in the near future, into 
accout as well... blablabla, you know what I mean.

So in short: this is a poll about what to implement next.



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