Re: [xml] xmlIO extensions

Christian Engwer wrote:
If you open zip:/dir/!/content.xml
and content.xml referes to an external entity "content.dtd"
libxml will realise that this is a relative request and will build a
new path as followed:
  oldpath:  zip:/dir/!/content.xml
->basepath: zip:/dir/!/
->newpath: zip:/dir/!/content.dtd

I've been watching from the sidelines, and may be missing something significant, but why do you need the marker (!) at all?
_If_ you're willing to make the module act a bit like a `zip server'
(analogous to http server), and have it traverse the directory components
from the top: when it encounters a zip file instead of a directory, then it knows (analogous to finding a cgi somewhere within the url).

OTOH, this would _not_ extend well to the case of getting the zip from
http, ftp, whatever!  So forget this suggestion if you're going that
direction!! :>

bruce miller nist gov

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