Re: [xml] Autotools stuff in libxml2

On Thursday 09 October 2003 15:26, Aleksey Sanin wrote:

I understand that you would like to bring LibXML2 to the latest and
greatest autotools
but what are the minimum autotools versions that support all these changes?
I think that it would be very sad if as a result of this LibXML2 would
not compile on older
I would suggest to carefully evaluate the tradeoffs before
doing this change.

You can still run the autoreconf and libtoolize without updating 
nor removing acconfig.h, autoreconf will only complain about founding some 
old deprecated stuff, but will still handle it.

OTOH (and fortunately), you don't need autotools to be installed on the 
machine you build libxml2 on, so it is not a problem, except if someone tries 
to hack a bit, which is not supposed to be happening every day, 
or more precisely, i don't see any reason for someone hacking a 
not to use the appropriate version of autoconf.

As I said in my mail, at least libtoolize would be a good thing (it is usually 
a good thing to run it sometimes to update config.guess and others); the 
other stuff is only an extra.

BTW, libtoolize --force --copy could be preferrable to libtoolize --force, it 
will copy config.guess and others, instead of linking to the system ones 
(which is not really a problem by itself, but may be annoying for cvs 



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