Re: [xml] Autotools stuff in libxml2

[CCing back to the list ;) ]

On Saturday 11 October 2003 01:25, Stefan Kost wrote:
- Rename to ( is deprecated in
latest versions of autoconf)

that will probably remain, as it is not good to rename files which are
under cvs control. IMHO it is really a shame that they even did choose a
new name.

What is possible to do is to add a file and delete the file. This has the main problem of loosing history for the new 
file, but you still have history for the old one, even if it's removed.
This is the "clean" way of doing things with cvs.

to the others:
using more recent version of the autotools does not affect the users, only
developers (of libxml2) need to be aware of it.

That's right.


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