[xml] Autotools stuff in libxml2

Hi libxml2 developpers,

I'm the new maintainer of the libxml2 package for the Debian GNU/Linux 
distribution and would have a tiny little request before release of libxml2.
It would be nice to somewhat update autotools stuff by doing the following :

- Rename configure.in to configure.ac (configure.in is deprecated in latest 
versions of autoconf)
- Remove acconfig.h (acconfig.h is deprecated in latest versions of autoconf)
- Apply the attached patch to configure.ac (to "fix" the "lack" of acconfig.h)
- Run autoreconf (latest version preferred)
- Run automake (latest version preferred)
- Run libtoolize --force (latest version preferred)

At least, a libtoolize --force would be appreciable, because latest versions 
of libtools fix some detection breakage on some "unusual" architecture, and 
that will prevent me to have to do it on my side ;)



PS: BTW, are you aware of the tons of "comparison is always (true|false) due 
to limited range of data type" warnings when compiling with all warnings 
enabled ?

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