[xml] Nearly always and extremely unpleaseant ...

Hi Tobias, Hi Daniel, All,

(BTW: Daniel, the 2.6 is great, a lot of issues 
addresed, we talked about in the libmxl3 thread)

Tobias wrote:
Nearly always and extremely unpleaseant ...

The rule is simple: don't blame libxml for something it didn't
do to you, and if in doubt formulate carefully.

Then you don't need to put on your asbestos suite, when
reading your email.

I hang around in some support lists, and the answers
given by Daniel, even for questions which could be considered
somewhat errr... questionable, are quite fine by these

And note, "really extremely unpleasant" is something
different, which you risk to experience on other lists 
and which is really unhelpfull: 
Null, nix, nothing, no answers to your questions.

Said all that, there may be questions which are, after
looking from another angle, less questionable. In that
cases usually another list member will volunteer
to put things right.

To Tobias questions, unfortunately I can give no advice
at all, as my own steps into the land of the free are still
to be made.

Best Regards,
Peter Jacobi

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