Re: [xml] Windows threading issues

On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 01:12:54AM +0200, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

  Oh man ...

        xmlSchemaValidateDoc        (xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr ctxt,
                                 xmlDocPtr instance);

So I take it you prefer them to be on their own lines and not together on 
one line with the return type?

   all on the same line will make alignment of arguments harder, no ?

Sigh, I think I will have to patch the python parser code but it's trivial
to ignore those, are you just adding XMLPUBFUN and XMLCALL or is there other
macros ?

There is a XMLPUBVAR for the variables. I heard somewhere about C++ 
compilers wanting a different export declaration for variables and 
functions. Don't know the details now, but we better use different macros 
right at the start.

  Okay, thanks I will skip those then,


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