Re: [xml] Windows threading issues

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 10:37:24PM +0200, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Daniel Veillard wrote:
While at that, I started modifying the headers. Once I'm done, you say no to 
it and I'll wish you loose all teeth in a week, except for one, which may 
then ache forever. :-) :-)

  Ouch , could you post again a simple example so I don't feel too bad about it

    TIA :-)

An example of how it will look like, you mean? It's online :-)

  Oh man ...

        xmlSchemaValidateDoc        (xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr ctxt,
                                     xmlDocPtr instance);

this is ugly, but that was expected <grin/>, can we just get rid of the
Windows environment instead ? (Just a couple of nukes well targetted 
close to Seattle ...)

Sigh, I think I will have to patch the python parser code but it's trivial
to ignore those, are you just adding XMLPUBFUN and XMLCALL or is there other
macros ?


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