Re: [xml] RE:XML data manipulation in C.

On Sat, 2003-12-13 at 05:14, Rohit Kshirsagar (LCL) wrote:
Hi All,
 I was exploring ways of implementing DOM in C over the internet. I believe you will be able to help me 
with some information on this proposed  implementation of DOM in  
  'C'. I will appreciate someone referring me to a step-by-step document telling me as to  How I can 
install the package "libxml/libxml2" and use the library for my projects.  
  Also, I wanted to know if this  library has been tested on AIX boxes before?

Read the INSTALL file that comes in the libxml source tarball. That
should provide you with enough information to get the package built and

As for using it in your programs, it is just like using any other shared
libraries. The library comes with a bunch of header files that will be
put in ${prefix}/include/libxml2/libxml/ and a file for
linking against.

The library itself is written in very portable C and the build
infrastructure just uses the standard GNU build tools. So it should work
out of the box on AIX systems.


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