Re: [xml] xmllint/Relax NG segfaulting


Thanks for all the effort, looks like your first guess was right and
that the CVS checkout was flakey and just didn't come through with the
most recent change. I was further put off by the fact that my athlon
crash didn't crash ithis time. This gave me the impression I got the
fix while I didn't..

William M. Brack wrote:
Martijn, I certainly believe you have some problem, but it's very
difficult to guess where it is.  Could you answer the following:-

1)  Are you certain when you downloaded the CVS it included Daniel's
patch (check that line #1079 is "ret->maxAttrs = nbAttrs;")
(sometimes there are timing problems with gnome's cvs - the files
loaded through anonymous CVS are only updated periodically from the
"real" CVS image, and the bug was such that it might not fail every

Hm, looks like this was it. I did an anonymous checkout and while I verified
that the fix had indeed been fixed into the web page, it looks like
I still have the august 1 version in my anonymous checkout...
(I tried a cvs up but still no luck). I'll see whether I can obtain
this file by some other means..

I am going to be out of contact for a day or so (travelling), but
will check the list for any response as soon as I can.

Thanks for all the help!



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