Re: [xml] xmllint/Relax NG segfaulting

Hey Daniel,

Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Sat, Aug 23, 2003 at 10:50:59PM +0200, Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hi there,

I've been getting a number of segfaults when using Relax NG validation
with xmllint. This problem persists with the most recent release of

  Hum, surprizing, provide the .rng and .xml so I can reproduce the problem.
I assume taht by last release you mean 2.5.10, right ?

Yes, as soon as the crashing started I hand-compiled a 2.5.10 version,
but unfortunately that didn't help.

Unfortunately I've been getting different segfault behavior based on
which machine I am working on; my work Athlon crashes under different
circumstances than my home Pentium 4.

  Strange, really ! Provide both testcase, I will run them under valgrind
it may help locating the problem.

Attached are both testcases, I run them as follows:

xmllint --noout --relaxng athloncrash.rng athloncrash.zcml

xmllint --noout --relaxng p4crash.rng  p4crash.zcml

athloncrash case is the whittled down variety. It doesn't crash on the
p4. If I change <define name="page"> to <define name="page2"> the
crash also fails to take place on the Athlon.

p4crash case is not whittled down but crashes on the p4. I haven't tested
this on the athlon yet; it may or may not crash there.

In case anyone's curious, ZCML is Zope 3's configuration markup language,
and described are mostly ways to hook up Zope 3's components by
interface. I'm writing a Relax NG schema not just to be able to use it
for validation and specification, but also as a help to explore ways in
which ZCML could be improved for clarity and modularity.

I really like Relax NG so far. I've been playing with it for
a while and it just fits my brain. Though I haven't explored all
features yet I already feel productive with it. Now if only those
crashes would go away!



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