Re: [xml] xmllint/Relax NG segfaulting

Daniel Veillard wrote:
In case anyone's curious, ZCML is Zope 3's configuration markup language,
and described are mostly ways to hook up Zope 3's components by
interface. I'm writing a Relax NG schema not just to be able to use it
for validation and specification, but also as a help to explore ways in
which ZCML could be improved for clarity and modularity.

  Immediate feedback without looking at the XML or the schemas, just from
the debugger output, oyou seem to use too many attributes :-)

Yes, agreed. I'm trying to take this by small steps as it's a working
architecture, but one of my goals is to make at least human-readable
attributes text node content instead. Another goal is to try to make
overrides of existing definitions more minimal than just copying them
all and making changes. :)

  I will make sure it's fixed in next release. Surprizing it was never
found in previous releases or languages, I would have expected DocBook
to have exercized that part of the code already. Maybe it's harder than
it seems.

Thanks! If you want to use any of this stuff as test cases let me know
and I'll work it out with the Zope 3 developers. It's under a BSD-ish 
license but I'm sure no one will mind allowing you to relicense this

  But I totally agree with you, Relax-NG is a really nice and somewhat
intuitive language -- a challenge considering the domain !

I'm vaguely wondering if (and how) it can be used to do a data-binding
language or something along those lines. Or help informing a
structured XML editor. i.e. using the schema for more than just

I know there's a lot of work in those areas for 
W3C XML Schema, and I'm wondering whether there's something inherent in 
Relax NG that would make this harder, or that it's just that I haven't
found the people yet who are doing this. :)



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