Re: [xml] xmllint/Relax NG segfaulting

attributes text node content instead. Another goal is to try to make
overrides of existing definitions more minimal than just copying them
all and making changes. :)

  Including at the RNG level should work well for this :-)

Thanks! If you want to use any of this stuff as test cases let me know
and I'll work it out with the Zope 3 developers. It's under a BSD-ish 
license but I'm sure no one will mind allowing you to relicense this

  okay, tell me if you can, it might be easier than including the full
XHTML relax ng schemas which span a number of files and multiple directories.

  But I totally agree with you, Relax-NG is a really nice and somewhat
intuitive language -- a challenge considering the domain !

I'm vaguely wondering if (and how) it can be used to do a data-binding
language or something along those lines. Or help informing a

  Should be quite easy, especially if using the W3C XML Schemas datatypes.

structured XML editor. i.e. using the schema for more than just

I know there's a lot of work in those areas for 
W3C XML Schema, and I'm wondering whether there's something inherent in 
Relax NG that would make this harder, or that it's just that I haven't
found the people yet who are doing this. :)

  Well Relax-NG has less traction at the moment. For structured edititing
support it's a bit harder because RNG is indeterministic. So providing
suggestions to the user is not as simple as looking at the label out from
the current state in a deterministic automata. A good job might be harder,
for example depending on the type of an attribute you could generate different
child element to the current node (not that I suggest doing this kind of
things, but RNG is inherently more powerful and also more complex to handle 
correctly for this kind of work).


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veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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