Re: [xml] Lists in XML_CATALOG_FILES

But my platform gives me colons in a filesystem path so I cannot use the
colon as a separator here. On the other side, I would not like to prevent
using the colon on Unix.

I would therefore introduce a macro, a brother to IS_BLANK named IS_PATHSEP,
which treats the colon as a part of the path specification on Windows, as a
separator elsewhere. Windows may have a semicolon instead. How about that?

  Blahh, just use space, this wasn't working so far on Unix either.

<:~( Ruby has support for both windows and unix and what it's done is
define a constant called File::PATH_SEPARATOR which is used in
automatically constructing paths and lets ruby code be more
portable... I'd think there were other libraries out there that do the
same thing, eps since spaces in paths is very valid and used too

Anyway, on unix it's a colon (:), and on windows it's #ifdef'ed to a
semi-colon (;).

Would there be any chance that libxml could follow the same
convention?  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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