Re: [xml] Lists in XML_CATALOG_FILES

 yep, I expect filenames there, not URIs

That I can also offer peppered with a colon on this platform,
'c:\somedir\catalog' :-). I thought URIs were allowed there because native
path specifications differ across platforms and it is hard to tell which
character is disallowed everywhere, so it can be used as a separator.

  You're right feel free to fix the code and comment. Note that having
http based catalogs is not supported right now and I doubt it should
be, be aware of that. Basically you make all processing dependant on a
resource, that's bad.

The http catalog was just an illustration example. Specifying the file://
twice would have been boring. :-) I have no intentions to really place the
default catalogs on a remote machine.

My main point was that the list of catalogs in that environment variable
does not get expanded in any case. That I thought should be fixed, at least
the docs say that expanding it was the intention.

But my platform gives me colons in a filesystem path so I cannot use the
colon as a separator here. On the other side, I would not like to prevent
using the colon on Unix.

I would therefore introduce a macro, a brother to IS_BLANK named IS_PATHSEP,
which treats the colon as a part of the path specification on Windows, as a
separator elsewhere. Windows may have a semicolon instead. How about that?


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