Re: [xml] Lists in XML_CATALOG_FILES

"Sean" == Sean Chittenden <sean chittenden org> writes:

    >> > But my platform gives me colons in a filesystem path so I
    >> > cannot use the colon as a separator here. On the other side,
    >> > I would not like to prevent using the colon on Unix.
    >> > 
    >> > I would therefore introduce a macro, a brother to IS_BLANK
    >> > named IS_PATHSEP, which treats the colon as a part of the
    >> > path specification on Windows, as a separator
    >> > elsewhere. Windows may have a semicolon instead. How about
    >> > that?
    >> Blahh, just use space, this wasn't working so far on Unix either.

    Sean> <:~( Ruby has support for both windows and unix and what it's done is
    Sean> define a constant called File::PATH_SEPARATOR which is used in
    Sean> automatically constructing paths and lets ruby code be more
    Sean> portable... I'd think there were other libraries out there that do the
    Sean> same thing, eps since spaces in paths is very valid and used too
    Sean> often.

    Sean> Anyway, on unix it's a colon (:), and on windows it's #ifdef'ed to a
    Sean> semi-colon (;).

    Sean> Would there be any chance that libxml could follow the same
    Sean> convention?  -sc

Python has a similar constant called os.pathsep.  Looking at its
":" for Unix, ";" for DOS, Windows, OS/2, "\n" for Mac, and "," for


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