Re: [xml] Lists in XML_CATALOG_FILES

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 12:45:17PM +0200, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
 yep, I expect filenames there, not URIs

That I can also offer peppered with a colon on this platform,
'c:\somedir\catalog' :-). I thought URIs were allowed there because native
path specifications differ across platforms and it is hard to tell which
character is disallowed everywhere, so it can be used as a separator.

  Okay let's just use space and update the doc

  You're right feel free to fix the code and comment. Note that having
http based catalogs is not supported right now and I doubt it should
be, be aware of that. Basically you make all processing dependant on a
resource, that's bad.

The http catalog was just an illustration example. Specifying the file://
twice would have been boring. :-) I have no intentions to really place the
default catalogs on a remote machine.

  well it create an interesting challenge too, the XML Catalog spec clearly
state that Catalogs should not be used for the resolution of catalogs, which
is sensible but can give headaches in the libxml2 framework, see
    xmlParseCatalogFile() in catalog.c

My main point was that the list of catalogs in that environment variable
does not get expanded in any case. That I thought should be fixed, at least
the docs say that expanding it was the intention.

  Yep the comments should be adjusted :-)

But my platform gives me colons in a filesystem path so I cannot use the
colon as a separator here. On the other side, I would not like to prevent
using the colon on Unix.

I would therefore introduce a macro, a brother to IS_BLANK named IS_PATHSEP,
which treats the colon as a part of the path specification on Windows, as a
separator elsewhere. Windows may have a semicolon instead. How about that?

  Blahh, just use space, this wasn't working so far on Unix either.


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