Re: [xml] A few Windows specific issues

Daniel Veillard wrote:

    My suggestion is to get a Windows path converter to convert
    Windows filename to valid URI or URI-References and have it
    plugged in a couple of critical places in libxml to avoid
    such problem for good. "All" I need it that small piece
    of Windows filename parsing :-). Any volunteers ?

If we are going to address this issue, then I suggest that we do it
properly. We need to consider

  o MS-DOS paths (C:\path\file)
  o UNC paths (\\server\path\file)
  o Other platform-specific paths (such as Mac which used colon as
    the path separator, or VMS which uses dots and generally is
    strange :)
  o Unicode in path names

I am pretty sure that somebody has been faced this this problem before,
and should seek to leverage on their experiences.

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