Re: [xml] A few Windows specific issues

The redhat library is quite good. Until the cygwin in-'kernel' pthreads
was broad enough, many users used the win32-pthread library with good
success. (the in-cygwin version was needed to support things like
pthread_atfork() which are not relevant for most win32 programs :}).

As far as the users trying win32 file paths with libxml neding
hand-holding, personally I'm against this. (Hey, I *know* my opinion has
no weight :]).

My reasoning: Win32 and *nix have only differences: \ and /;the x:
shortcut to physical drives, and :foo for stream access.

the 'standard' from MS for translating those into URL's is (IIRC)
x:\foo\bar.txt:2 -> file://x|/foo/bar.txt:2 (I'm not quite sure from
memory how the stream access is actually represented.)

Anyway, my point is that if special code for win32 is to go into libxml
it should conform to what MS do (if that is rfc compliant which AFAIK it
is) to obey the principal of least surprise.

AFAIK accepting x:\foo\bar.txt is not done by MS's internet products
outside the GUI, and the gui translates that into a file url
immediately. (I don't know every single MS product, but all the ones'
I've used in this fashion have done the translation).


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Other than that, more work is needed at the moment, such as
iconv and
pthreads support under Win32. Iconv compiles out of the
box. Pthreads
implementation I would use is available at Hope I'll have libxml2
running with these by the end of the next week.

  hum it seems to have eerything needed to the port to be successful.
A "native" port could have been done too.

Yes, it can be done, but I see using the library from RatHead as a
better solution for two reasons:

1. Pthreads implementation is likely to be of higher quality if it is
maintained in a single place, but used and thus tested in many places.

2. If things don't work, better have people throw darts at the RedHat's
logo than on my picture :-) :-)


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