Re: [xml] A few Windows specific issues

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To: "Robert Collins" <robert collins itdomain com au>
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Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2001 5:38 AM
Subject: Re: [xml] A few Windows specific issues

Hi there.

As far as the users trying win32 file paths with libxml neding
hand-holding, personally I'm against this. (Hey, I *know* my opinion
no weight :]).

Obviously, there is a misunderstanding here. The requirement is: If
there is
a command-line utility which accepts a path specification as a
have it support the path specification conventions of the host

Yes, I caught this when I saw the mesage from Daniel's which I've
replied to. I was reading three days email at once, which is guaranteed
to daze one.

By the way, if your opinion had no weight, I would not have bothered
to type
all this. Every opinion with a trace of reason has a weight. It is
that, like instances of any entity, some weigh more than the others

Very true :]. My intent via that phrase was to indicate that I wasn't
expecting anyone to say 'how high?' when I posted, and that I was just
voicing how I saw things... if I can convince other folk, great,
otherwise, *shrug*.


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