Re: [xml] Good tutorial about C/C++ n xml

Geraldo Luis da Silva Ribeiro wrote:

Where  I can found examples code of libxml2 or a tutorial step by step

Geraldo Ribeiro

If I substitute "beginners" for "dummies" then the answer is yes and no.
It depends what you want to do with libxml2. The thing that drew me to
libxml, and made me dump expat (which I was then using successfully), is
that it tries to cover all your XML and HTML needs, and is pretty close
to succeeding. Expat only does SAX for XML.

If you want to get started with the SAX (streaming) interface, James
Henstridge has a good web page, referenced on the
site. There is a little jobs database example, using the DOM interface,
in the libxml2 distribution. I think these should get any reasonable
person, who knows even a little about XML, started with these two major
modes of using libxml.

I don't know of any reasonable examples of using the HTML functionality,
but its so close to the XML functionality that learning the XML
interfaces get you 95% of the way to working with the HTML interfaces

If you are looking for an exhaustive, long winded, step-by-step
explanation of every aspect of libxml I think you might be disappointed
at the present momemt.


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