Re: [xml] Xinclude w/DTD segs

On Sat, Jun 16, 2001 at 12:32:34PM -0400, Bruce Miller wrote:
Hmmm... Is _validity_ (as opposed to well-formed-ness) really
defined at parse time?

   Both are defined at parse time, i.e. when taking a serialization
(in the form of a set of entities and trying to process them with
and XmL processor).

When initially experimenting with xinclude,
I was hoping I didn't have to cope with declaring xinclude in the
dtd (both declaring the element itself, and declaring all places
it could appear --- that would be a REAL headache!!!)

  Well XInclude processing is done at a time where *theorically* validation
has already been done. 

As far as xmllint is concerned, 
  xmllint --xinclude --postvalid --noout file.xml
seems to do what I want: parse, do inclusions, and _then_ validate.
But, perhaps, this approach isn't really, um, ... valid :>

  Of course in practice people want to validate after parsing, so 
I have added APIs to validate an already parsed document or validate
a document against a given DTD. I think all toolkits offers this but
this is not the canonical way of doing things.

Yep, that fixes the xinclude problem!  Thanks!!
But does this version significantly alter the interface, somehow?
xslt wouldn't run until I discovered that you had also dropped
a snapshot of libxslt at

  Libxslt and libxml are intimely tied since libxslt reuse libxml XPath
(and the general document and tree handling). I usually release them
together to avoid gaps, and try to force the dependancy in the RPM
packages and configure checks. But when packages are installed as .tar.gz
it would have to be tested by the library itself (doable, I could warn
if the library was used with a version of libxml different than the
one it was compiled against).

That new xsltproc works again, but even after recompiling
XML::LibXML & LibXSLT, I had to backup from AxKit 1.3.98 to 1.3.97
(which are both old versions, but I'm having some other problems
which aren't really relevant here...)


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