Re: [xml] Perl LibXML

On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 01:51:08AM -0700, dhogan wrote:
Does the perl LibXML parser create a standard perl DOM object. So as
that I might rebless the object
into another class such as XML::DOM and use the methods that it

the answer has to be yes and no. :(

first, we try to implement a more or less DOM L2 compiliant 
interface to the libxml2 library. - something similar as 
gdome2, but more perl specific. 

XML::LibXML bases on libxml2, so most of  the work we do, is 
wrapping in errorhandling :) 

since the DOM implementation we work with relies on the datastructure
we get from libxml2, it is not compatible with plain perl 
implementations. therefore if you rebless the reference you get 
from the XML::LibXML parser, you will end up segfaulting. 

sadly enough this is also true for other perl xml parsers. 


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