Re: [xml] Good tutorial about C/C++ n xml

My question:  XML is the right thing to treat my problem?

I find a tutorial to see possibilities of use of xml.

If I substitute "beginners" for "dummies" then the answer is yes and no.
It depends what you want to do with libxml2. The thing that drew me to
libxml, and made me dump expat (which I was then using successfully), is
that it tries to cover all your XML and HTML needs, and is pretty close
to succeeding. Expat only does SAX for XML.

Sorry about my english (is terrible).  I used "dummies" with the same
context of ...For Dummies Series of IDG books.

I'm coding a program to treat data acquired from thrusters tests.
I want to hold several kinds of text data in a file. These datas are
in a hiarachy:
           Thrust coef1
           Specific impulse

The raw data files (about 500 Mb per test) have a large description.
I want to store this description and calculated data (from raw
data) into xml format to make easy the calculations.  The
format of raw data is dependent of type o essay (env conditions,
pressures, pulse widths, units, sensor types,....).
I think that the xml is a easy way to hold variable data formats,
allowing to insert new variable without to force the rebuild of
the source code. The mentioned variables will be used in the future
(new versions). But the conversion program (raw data->useful data) may be
the same, becouse my acquisition hardware is the same. New features
will be added (new calculated variables), but the acquired data
will have the same characteristcs.

Once more, sorry about my english (plz correct me in private mail).

Geraldo Ribeiro

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