Re: Autoplacement hint

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The least-buggy steady state of the whole system is definitely for
> everyone to follow the specs; if everyone starts trying to work around
> everyone else you get a big mess. Adding a "but I really mean it this
> time!" hint doesn't help IMO. ;-)
> Havoc

Hi Havoc,

The reason why different window managers do different things is that the ICCCM specification is unclear about what the window manager should do with PPosition and USPosition.

The ICCCM only talks about "user involvement" in the section on US/PPosition, and does not eliminate the posibility of the WM moving the window.

I think a clarification of what should be done would be a reasonable thing to add to the EWMH specification, since there are already other clarifications on the ICCCM in Implemenation Notes section.

At least if I choose to follow the path of saying to my users "Your window manager is not compliant with specifications", give me something solid to back up my assertion...


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