Re: Autoplacement hint

Hi Rob,

There are two things that I hope to get if this hint is added:

1) if I set the hint, my window will be placed in a well known position

2) I will know in advance whether the window manager will put my window
   in the place I ask it to.  If autoplacement cannot be supresed, I
   will create an unmanaged window instead, and live with the
   limitations of that.

It doesn't matter if windows mapped off screen are remapped onto the screen, so long as that is done consistently, and windows mapped onto the screen are not moved. Most of the windows that need to be placed exactly will not have borders, and should not be moved around by the window manager.

Essentially I want a window that is placed like an unmanaged window, but is still in the WM's Z order.


Rob Adams wrote:
Regardless of what we do, we really can't do anything stronger than
USPosition and USSize -- if a WM doesn't honor these hints then there is
no size or position hint that it would honor.  Size and position hints
are advisory by their nature.  Metacity will honor these hints, but for
example if the hint specifies that the window should be offscreen,
metacity will override them.  I think that honoring these hints is
better than not honoring them, as you indicate that sawfish does, but we
can't simply require that they be honored.

You simply can't define a "disable autoplacement" hint that would behave
well and make sense.  For example, if the "disable autoplacement" hint
were set, would metacity then be required to let applications place
their windows offscreen?


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